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The Desi Village Agro Foods India (P) Ltd., Pondicherry had been in the food industry and established as a trading entity 30 years ago, producing & exporting finest grade Rice and Spices for the consumption of people across the world. We have a stronghold in the Southern Region of India and also have a steady presence in international markets covering regions like the Middle East, Far East and UK.

What our customers say

I'm one of the happy customers for Shruti's Jaggery. it is one of the good quality product in the market.

Ms. Madhuri

Found this Shruti's jaggery to be a good product and great taste.

Mr. Vasanth

As I am health freak I always go for natural products. I find Shruti's jaggery to be best and I have used other local made jaggery but they are not good in taste as well as not clean. But his product is clean from all the chunks and dirt and tastes good.

Mr. Sathish

This product is rich in taste and healthy too. Now we have replaced the normal sugar with this Jaggery and our kids love them too.

Ms. Sangeetha
Home maker

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Jaggery [Jaggery or gur] is made up of boiling concentrated sugarcane juice till it solidifies. Although jaggery is also made out of the sap of coconut and Toddy palm. Not only that Jaggery is better than white sugar which only adds empty calories to your body it also has a number of health benefits, including [...]

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