Plain Appalam

Deliciously crunchy in every bite that goes along with your every meal.

We offer Papads that are very tasty and ensures quality as well. Complete care is taken towards its hygienic preparation and only the best ingredient are used in its manufacturing. These crispies are hand-made ensuring delectable taste and are available at cost-effective prices.

  • Good appetizer
  • Free from gluten,
  • Rich in protein and dietary fiber.
  • Improves Immune Function

01. Protein-rich nutritional characteristics.

Shruti’s Papad ingredients are rich in nutrients which improves both organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

02. Tasty Snack Food

Shruti’s Papad can be munched on as a crunchy snack and also it can be served with the soup or main meal.

03. Absorb Fatty Material

Roasted or grilled papad helps to absorb the fatty material from mouth and throat when consumed at the end of the meal.

Shruti’s Papad has a delicious crunchy place in every meal.

The Papad is a thin Indian wafer usually made from dried lentils. It is served as an accompaniment to an Indian meal, as a snack and as croutons in soups. Papads are thin wafers made of urad dal. Shruti’s Papads or plain Appalam is an example of the genius of Indian cuisine.

Papad dough contains Urad dal and Jeera, then it is shaped into a thin, round flatbread and then dried (traditionally in the sun). Papad can be cooked by deep-frying, roasting over an open flame, toasting or microwaving.

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